Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a List, and Checking It Twice...

Things to Do Over Break:
1) Apply to SWOSU for Pre-Pharmacy
2) Thoroughly Scrub Bathroom
3) Continue Working at The Cow
4) Visit Grandparents
5) Buy gifts for Parents
6) Find a Box for Bubba's Gift
7) Get gifts for Friends
8) Buy a New Work Shirt
9) Join the Y with a New Workout Buddy
10) Get into Routine of Blogging
11) Thou shalt not Text any Guys
12) Girl Time?
13) Finish Laurell K. Hamiliton Novel
14) Pwn Bubba at Any and Every Game Possible
15) Make Fun of Bubba's Braces
16) Make Fun of Bubba for Getting Beat by a Girl
17) Work on Scrapbook
18) Take new pics for Scrapbook
19) Sleep in Virtually Every Day
20) Refrain from any Activity that may be Potentially Stressful

Sound good, kiddies?